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5/12/2017- 【AF Partners】: AF Partners sold all Asian Frontier shares to SCSK, ensuring the right of Asian Frontier trademark for further business enhancement in Japan and Asia.

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9/11/2017- 【AF Trade】: COSMO Got the Best Worldwide Whisky at HKIWSC 2017

The 2017 best wines and spirits for the Asian market have been announced at a Gala Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong by the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (HKIWSC). Mars Maltage "Cosmo" got the Best Worldwide Whisky trophy award.

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Asian Frontier co., Ltd.

Asian Frontier Co.,Ltd , business platform provider, and business consulting provider.

Collaborating with AF Trade Limited, we provide services of AI liquor tasting platform.

AF Trade Ltd.

AF Trade a trading company and the exclusive marchandise agent of  well-known Japanese whisky brands : Akashi, and Mars Whisky of Hombo Shuzo across Asian Countries.

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